Shower after Tanning

Sunbathing or relaxing on a tanning bed can sometimes be reviving and calming. Then again, consider all the toxins you’ve applied to your body! Sunscreen, palettes, bronzing lotions, moisturizers, etc. People want to get a shower after being exposed to each of these irritants, sunlight or Ultraviolet rays, and sweat on their skin. How soon … Read more

Best UV Index for Tanning

The UV Index serves as a scale for UV radiation intensity. The index’s readings vary from zero to one upwards; the bigger the UV Index number, the more likely it is to harm the skin and cause severe eye damage and the quicker the onset of that damage. The UVI is a crucial tool for … Read more

Does tanning help acne?

Intro As a result of blocked hair follicles beneath the skin, acne is a prevalent skin disorder. Sebum, a fluid substance that helps prevent skin from getting dried out, and skin’s dead cells clog pores, causing blisters generally known as pimples or zits. The breakouts most frequently appear in the facial area, although they can … Read more